Custom Apps By Industry

Our custom app developers have experience designing apps for various industries. We can work with you to bring your vision to life!

We serve industries across the globe.

iPossess Software has a team of experienced app developers who can help create a custom iphone app or custom android app for your company.

Healthcare & Hospitality Apps

As technology advances, many doctors, medical clinics, hospitals and other healthcare companies are moving towards custom mobile app development.

Our healthcare app developers can help you create a custom mobile app to enhance your patient and user experiences.

Retail & Ecommerce

Many businesses can no longer survive as brick-and-mortar stores. E-commerce websites allow stores to bring customers in online and broaden their customer base and revenue potential.

Our website and app developers can help design a custom ecommerce store through your website or custom mobile app.

Legal and Attorney Apps

Our team has extensive experience building custom lawyer apps, including the original My Attorney App. We can create a custom iphone lawyer app or android attorney app for your law firm.

Your customized lawyer app can include push button calling to your office, easy directions, contact forms, accident ledgers, custom submission forms, integration with other third party apps, payment ability, and more.

Travel & Tourism Apps

Hotels and travel agents can design their own travel app for their customers. Hotels can integrate booking software and stay connected with customers. You can also develop a mobile app to enhance your user experience.

Travel destinations can create a custom app for marketing to help draw in travelers. Travel professionals can connect with customers for travel bookings and interaction.

Media & Entertainment Apps

Our team of developers can create custom entertainment apps for your record label, artist page, movie production company, or other entertainment company or news station.

Now musicians can create their own music app, or custom actor apps. Bands can connect with fans through a custom band app. Ideas are limitless. See how we can help you.

Education & E-Learning Apps

As education moves online, our team of web and app developers can help you develop an online solution for your school or education center. We can also help develop custom learning apps and websites.


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“My Attorney App explores creative ways to establish a mobile presence.”


“With the popularity of mobile apps, many clients can easily contact you while on the go by simply adding your app to their mobile app. If you are technologically challenged, there are services such as My Attorney Apps that can create these for you.”

- Martindale Hubbell Blog

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