Our app and software development team have successfully deployed numerous software programs, websites and mobile apps.

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Our website and app developers can help design and deploy your website or app in many fields, including Healthcare, Legal, Hospitality, Wedding, Music, Entertainment, Retail and Logistics. These are just a small sample of the apps and websites we have successfully deployed over the years.

My Attorney App

Our team developed the original My Attorney App which was featured in the ABA Journal and many other media around the world. The My Attorney App connected a law firm with clients for ease of communication, while providing an accident tool-kit, chat with the law firm, push button calling and more.

iOs & Android

My Doctor App

We developed one of the first doctor apps in the US. The My Doctor App provides patients with access to pre-appointment forms to help speed up the check in process, easy push button calling, directions, and information about the doctor and their practice. It’s a great marketing tool to help keep patients engaged and coming back.

iOs & Android


This do it yourself app was developed for the public to be able to create a healthcare surrogate designation simply and easily from iPhone and Android devices. The user can create the legal document, then have it esigned or emailed to be printed and signed.

iOs & Android


This HIPAA creation app allows users to create a medical authorization form on the run. This form allows others to access medical records and can be very helpful if a loved one is in the hospital and wants to give someone access to their records to help during that stay.

iOs & Android


MyPOA is an automatic Power of Attorney generator app. This app allows a user to enter in who they want to designate as Power of Attorney, and the app will generate the document, then email the document to the user with instructions on how to legally execute it. It was created by an attorney.

iOs & Android


QuitClaimPro is a Quit Claim Deed drafting app which allows users and attorneys to quickly draft a legal Quit Claim Deed through their mobile phone. The deed is then emailed to the user to print and execute, then file it with the appropriate county.

iOs & Android

Talking Dolphin

The Talking Dolphin app is a fun, educational app for children. The dolphin tells jokes, and also includes voice modulation where children can create their own silly dolphin and record their voice to make the dolphin “talk”. It’s an interactive app to keep young children engaged.

iOs & Android


The MyLivingWill app allows users to create a Living Will right from their smartphone. The user can enter their information, hit submit and the app will populate the document and email the form to the user with instructions on how to execute the document. Users can save hundreds of dollars on estate planning.

iOs & Android

Estate Planning App

We developed this Estate Planning app for a South Florida lawyer. The app allows users to engage with the lawyer. The app also includes simple contact with the lawyer, videos and legal tips and tricks.

iOs & Android

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